Hey There Delilah手動語法如下:<embed type='application/x-shockwave-flash' src='http://vlog.xuite.net/_a/Mzc0Njc4&ar=1&as=0&lad=1&fmt=1&whq=0' width='150' height='50' allowScriptAccess='always' allowFullScreen='true'/>自動語法如下:<embed type='application/x-shockwave-flash' src='http://vlog.xuite.net/_a/Mzc0Njc4&ar=1&as=1&lad=1&fmt=1&whq=0' width='150' height='50' allowScriptAccess='always' allowFullScreen='true'/>Hey There DelilahHey there Delilah  嘿! DelilahWhat's it like in New York City ?  紐約市是什麼模樣I'm a thousand miles away  我現在妳千哩之外But girl tonight you look so pretty 但 女孩今晚的妳是如此動人Yes you do  妳的確如此Times Square can't shine as bright as you  時代廣場也無法如你一般閃耀I 21世紀房屋仲介swear it's true  我發誓這千真萬確Hey there Delilah  嘿! DelilahDon't you worry about the distance  你難道不擔心距離如此遙遠嗎?I'm right there if you get lonely  當你孤獨時 我就在妳身旁Give this song another listen  傾聽這首歌Close your eyes  閉上妳的雙眼Listen to my voice it's my disguise  聽著我的聽音I'm by your side  它是我的化身陪伴著妳Oh it's what you do to me  喔! 這就是你給予我的Hey there Delilah  嘿! DelilahI know times are getting hard  我明白時間很難熬But just believe me girl  但女孩 請相信我Someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar  某天我將以吉他禰補這有一切We'll have it good  我們將擁有美好We'll have the life we knew we would  我們將擁有那專屬妳我的美好人生My word is good  我的字句也如此美好Hey there Delilah  嘿! DelilahI've got so much left to say  我有太找房子多話還未對妳說If every simple song I wrote to you  若每首間單的歌都可以Would take your breath away  取走妳的呼吸I'd write it all  我會寫下許多歌Even more in love with me you'd fall  多我那條妳和我深深墜落的愛河We'd have it all  我們將擁有這一切Oh it's what you do to me  喔! 這就是妳給予我的A thousand miles seems pretty far  千哩的距離開似遙不可及But they've got planes and trains and cars  但那而有飛機 火車 與 汽車I'd walk to you if I had no other way  但若沒得選擇我願意一步步走向妳Our friends would all make fun of us  所有的朋友會笑我們傻and we'll just laugh along because we know  但我們卻會衷心歡欣因為我們知道That none of them have felt this way  除了妳我之外 沒有人曾感受到這樣的愛Delilah I can promise you  我答應你 DelilahThat by the time we get through  到時我們越過重重難關The world 土地買賣will never ever be the same  那世界將完全不一樣Hey there Delilah  嘿! DelilahYou be good and don't you miss me  保重別掛念著我Two more years and you'll be done with school  再兩年完成了學業And I'll be making history like I do  我將一如往厝寫下歷史You'll know it's all because of you  而妳知道這全是因妳而生We can do whatever we want to  我們可以做任何我們相做的Hey there Delilah here's to you  嘿! Delilah 這首歌是給妳的This ones for you  獻給妳的Oh it's what you do to me  喔! 這就是妳給予我的 資料來源:http://vlog.xuite.net/_pub/play.php?media_id=ZjFkZzFxLTM3NDY3OC5mbHY=     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_m-BjrxmgI     http://creago.pixnet.net/blog/post/8949480

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